Sam Olu Alo Foundation

Prophet Sam Olu Alo is a vibrant evangelist filled with the apostolic power of God to transform lives and spread the word of God. God has used him to plant many churches within and outside the shores of his country of birth, Nigeria.

He is a powerful deliverance minister, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, his ministry, the Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Int’l, has transformed a lot of lives worldwide.

Prophet Sam Olu Alo is a prolific writer, a seasoned preacher of the undiluted word of God. As a renowned author, he had published many spiritual books in both English and Yoruba languages. Prophet Alo is also the coordinator of the CAC Babalola Memorial Miracle Camp at Ikeji Arakeji. He is married with children and a spiritual father to many people all over the world.

Prophet Sam’s ministerial journey started from childhood though he never knew the magnitude with which God would use him. His father, who was a catholic churchwarden, never compelled him to attend church services, but he found his way to the feet of Christ at some point in his adult life. He spent his early years at Ido-Ekiti, his place of birth in Ekiti state, Nigeria but decided to leave the town with the determination of never returning until he became somebody in life during his early adulthood.

This decision, although was courageous, yielded no fruit of success until he met Christ. He encountered several instances that would have taken him back to his native town empty-handed, but he resisted the option. And to the glory of God, he returned on the 24th of May 2021 with pomp and pageantry to celebrate outstanding achievements and launch the Sam Olu Alo foundation officially. This foundation had seen scores of school leavers gain admission into prestigious universities through its scholarship scheme. Thousands of widows had received the support of food, money, the tool of trade etc.

Prophet Sam Olu Alo is a lover of people, especially those going through one challenge or the other, an act that made a lot of his contemporaries mock him in the past. This mockery later turned to testimonies when undeniable testimonies began to spring out from the lives of his challenged followers and friends.

He has seen the manifestation of a lot of his prophecies in the lives of others and his personal life. He could recall years ago seeing in a vision the map of Europe being shown to him with the instructions to mark the countries he would like to visit for evangelism in the future. This vision is coming to pass as the ministry is spreading across the globe and making positive impacts in the lives of people.

Our mission & vision


“Achieving a better and sustainable society where goal attainment will be made easier for everyone”


“To provide humanitarian services to the vulnerable in our society by helping the needy in their survival process through the provision of the enhancing packages”

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